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Our Curriculum in Action

Physics:  Science in a Waldorf School is hands-on. Here, in their 8th grade Physics Block, each student designed and built a steam-powered boat. The boats were carved of foam then wired for lights and a buzzer. A test tube partially filled with water was heated and the steam produced traveled through a copper wire under the boat to produce movement.The goal was to have the boat cross a table full of water, with two lights illuminated, and then buzz when the boat reached the shore.

The Formative Power of Sound:  In the late 18th century, German physicist Ernst Chladni demonstrated the organizing power of sound and vibration in a visually striking manner. He showed that when sand (or in this case salt) is scattered on metal plates, and a violin bow is drawn across them, the resulting vibrations cause the particles to move to the places where the plate is almost motionless, producing a variety of beautiful, regular, intricate patterns. Here is our 6th grade performing the experiment.

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Liberty Dupuis '13 (a junior at Smith) was away doing a semester away at University of St. Andrews in St. Andrews, Scotland.

Lydia Ballantine '13 (a junior at Colorado College) is doing a semester away in Senegal